Corporate executives who want to grow their business or in need of a turnaround typically demand quick action and results. That is what Langevin Management Advisors provides. We begin our Business Growth Progam working with corporate management to understand the company's current and long-range business objectives. Next we review each department to assess their requirements to achieve the company's goals. This is not a long process. Based upon our review we present our findings and preliminary recommendations to management.


Next we develop a growth plan and execution strategy that align and optimize the departments to ensure the corporate goals are achieved. Again, this is also not a long process. Once the plan and strategy are completed we are often asked to assist with the implementation and delivery of our recommendations. We stand behind our recommendations and will continue offering our services to help our client achieve quick and dramatic business results.

Revenue and Profit Growth

For 35 years we have helped corporate executives and management teams in a variety of industries to develop and execute business strategies that delivered quick and significant revenue and profit growth
Strategic Planning & Organization


Today corporate executives and management teams are so busy with day-to-day operating requirements that they often do not have time to assess and adjust their business plans and operations. However, failing to plan is planning to fail. We supplement the management team by assessing and optimizing the business and execution plans that are critical to the company's long-term success.

Corporate Development


Corporate teams need to work well together. It is said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We assess each business unit of our client company. With our experience working in all departments of a business we help to optimize each business unit, then we work to optimize the business units so they all work well together. 



The internet, social media, SEO, data mining, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, website development and maintenance are all essential for today's successful company. Is your company current with all these marketing technologies?


​Operations Management


Companies are like an automobile engine. They have many different components that must all work well together to achieve optimal performance. As part of our Business Optimization Process, we assess each component of your business to identify areas for improvement. Then we assess and make recommendations for optimizing the interactions between departments and managers to ensure the company performs at peak performance and achieves its full potential.



It can be very lonely as an executive or manager. Employees expect managers to have answers to all issues. Boards expect executives to operate the business successfully or they will find soneone else who will.


We have been there and experienced that loneliness firsthand. Corporate executives often benefit from having a unbiased and trusted confidiante/advisor/mentor to discuss their challenges and to provide objective counsel for their plans and priorities. We help mentor busy executives. 

​Financial Management & Funding


Does your company require additional working or investment capital to achieve its full potential? We have helped a number of companies secure private loans of a little as $100,000 and instituational loans of up to $500,000. We have also led a $30M IPO for a startup and listed the company on NASDAQ. If your business requires growth capital, we may be able to assist you with that requirement. 

​IT Operations


IT is increasingly more complex and constantly changing. The increase in inter-company invoicing, A/R, A/P allow opportunities for security risks and data theft. The increase in mandated legislation requires that companies remain compliant or be subject to charges and subsequent fines by state Attorney Generals. We have assisted companies ensure their compliance with these changing requlations. 



Does your business have a formal plan for a major disaster or business disruption? Today, as part of a securing a sale, vendors will be required to have a formal business continuiiy and disaster recovery plan, as well as electronic and physical security policies and programs that enable even startup companies to comply with Fortune 500 corporation IT and security requirements.





Today companies must operate locally and globally. We have helped foreign companies enter and grow in the U.S., and we have have helped U.S. companies open new markets in foreign countries.