Although our clients work in a variety of industries and each client's situation and challenges are unique, our experienced and disciplined approach to analyzing your business, developing a business growth plan and execution strategy and sometimes leading the implementation of our plan has enabled our clients to achieve quick and significant revenue results and increased profitability.


Following are some examples of the results we have delivered for our clients:


Significant Revenue Growth


  • Developed and implemented a new business strategy that grew sales from $0.5M to $14M in one year for the U.S. division of a $4.2B European technology corporation. 

  • Implemented a new business model that grew annual revenue 297% and increased annual profit 400% in one year for a 23-year old company providing severance plan payroll services to Fortune 500 corporations. The new business model increased their average revenue per sale from $10,000 to $225,000.  

  • Provided a new operating plan and helped secure a $500,000 business loan that increased annual sales from $600,000 to $3.8 million within two years for a solar energy sales and installation company. 



  • Led the transformation of a $6M IT consulting services firm into a software products company by making their first software sale. Managed the transition of their 12 branch offices from consulting into software products and services. Company eventually grew to $850M in annual revenue and was acquired by IBM for $4.9B. 

  • Led a UK technology company’s turnaround in North America enabling the company to be acquired for a signficantly higher purchase price than offered before the turnaround.

  • Purchased an unprofitable 5-year old accounting software company. Developed and implemented a business strategy and execution plan that enbled the company to achieve profitability within a year and to increase revenues 100% within two years. 


IPO & Investment Funding


  • Led a successful $30M IPO for a UK technology startup. Moved the company to the U.S., listed it on NASDAQ and achieved a $750M market valuation within the first year.

  • Assisted in securing a $800,000 equity investment for a biomedical products startup.

  • Assisted in securing $500,000 in operating funding for a emergency services company.

  • Assisted in securing a $100,000 equity investment for a wireless LAN startup.


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