Richard A. Langevin

For 35 years Langevin Management Advisors has helped guide corporate management teams in refining and (re)focusing their business strategies, optimizing their business operations and quickly growing their business. We have helped companies in a variety of industries to generate incremental revenue, increase revenue per sale, shorten sales cycles, lower new customer acquisition costs, enhance their customer satisfaction, grow marketshare and increase profits.




















The most successful companies grow through continuous operating optimization and business reassessment. Often we find companies focusing primarily on sales as their principle criteria for growth. However, to significantly improve business performance a company needs to audit, update and optimize its financial operations; its marketing and messaging; its sales model and pricing; corporate policies and procedures; manufacturing and production; IT; personnel management; customer service and then collaborative integrate of all these departments into a seamless and cohesive operation. 


At Langevin Management Advisors we take a wholistic view of a company's entire operation as part of our Business Growth Program.


Here's a typical client success story. Recently a company owner asked us to help them grow their annual revenue 25% in one year, something the company had never achieved in its 23 years in business. Based upon our assessment of their business we determined that the company had the potential for achieving a much higher annual growth. We developed and implemented a plan to grow the business that included enhancing its financial operations, new pricing and sales models, staff training, cusotmer audits and business continuity and disaster recovery procedures. At the end of the year, not only did the company achieve 297% revenue growth but they also achieved a 400% growth in annual profit. Business growth is not only about revenue, it's also about the bottom line.


Is your company achieving its full revenue, profit and marketshare potential?


Let us help you plot a course to achieve even greater business success.