We help our clients quickly and dramatically increase their revenue and profit.

Let us help you plan, optimize, execute and succeed in growing your business in 2017.


During the past decade, the business of successfully operating a business has changed significantly. The internet, mobile devices, social media, a global marketplace and global competitors have dramatically changed how companies start, operate, grow and survive.


For more than 35 years Langevin Management Advisors has worked closely with corporate management teams to develop business strategies and execution plans that:

  a)  Increased revenue
  b)  Increased profitability 
  c)  Increased marketshare.


With our assistance, our clients have dramatically improved their speed of execution and business results.


Today's business owners and managers are often so busy with day-to-day operations that they don't have time to anticipate, plan and execute. Instead of them controlling the company. they begin to feel like the company is controlling them.


Just as companies need to adapt and change to remain competitive and grow, so do corporate executives and management teams.


Langevin Management Advisors helps to provide corporate teams with a plan for growth, clarity of priorities, optimization processes and most importantly increased revenue and profit.  

  • Revenue and Profit Growth

  • Strategic Planning and Organization 

  • Corporate Development

  • Marketing

  • ​Operations Management

  • Mentoring/Coaching/Advising

  • ​Financial Management and Funding

  • ​IT Operations

  • ​Sustainability

  • ​Global Operations